In the automobile industry, there are various wires, hoses and metal pipes in use, each with a specific function to keep vehicles running smoothly.

Even if two hoses are of the same colour and appearance, it does not mean they are interchangeable. A rubber water hose transports water and antifreeze to and from the water pump or heater core, while a hydraulic hose moves brake and clutch fluids. Hydraulic lines have to withstand high pressure. Therefore, substituting similar looking hoses without ensuring their ability to withstand heat, pressure and corrosion will most likely cause system and engine damage.

Mechtech Engineering Hoses are strong and light, with excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance. The range includes Radiator Hoses, Engine Hoses, Cooling System Hoses, Vacuum Hoses and Fuel Hoses. Hoses used in automotive application – LPG / CNG Kit, Air Conditioning, Speed Governor Applications and Hydraulic Air Brake Application come under the category of automotive hoses.